I am a destination wedding, portrait and commercial photographer, serving clients around the world. My style of photography is a blend of Elegant Traditional + Modern Photo-journalistic.

From a very young age, I saw firsthand the magical effect that a stunning photograph can have on people, especially when it awakens a precious memory or evokes a strong emotion. Artfully done, it has the power to put warmth in the heart as it transports the viewer back to a precious moment in time, or through memories of wonderful days spent with dear friends. Such a photograph may also return us to a place of peace and serenity, gently reminding us of those things that truly matter in our lives.

For me, Photography is a way of life. It is the art of seeing the world anew - of observing the precious layers of energy and emotion underlying our physical experience. It is my distinct privilege to direct the process of capturing and revealing these layers for each of my clients... Intimate moments of life. The sublime beauty of life's simplicity. Boundless joy.

My camera is an extension of myself, and the pictures I take, an interpretation of the world I see.
I apply a distinct style to all of my work, seeking to give my pictures a vivid, living character that makes them more than just snapshots.

I particularly love Wedding photography because of the craziness and joy of the day - and because I love working with people on one of the happiest days of their lives.As a photographer, I adhere to the highest standards of professionalism; satisfying my customers is my utmost goal. I appreciate the opportunity to meet with you about capturing - and sharing - your special occasion.